Summer of track bike is coming. #SOTB

Followed a fixie bro all out of shape on a gentle decline, one foot clipped in, one scraping the clip on the path every revolution.

#SOTB approaches

Good to see this thread get bumped to the big leagues!!

how to #SOTB.
Step 1: daisy dukes
Step 2: fixie bike
Step 3:???
Step 4: instagram the whole thing.

^ who the hell ever brought a Sega Dreamcast

one of my mates nearly did, but he want the sega saturn instead. i was hella jealous but i loved my mega drive

Whoops I mistyped it while I was on the Atari lynx

sounds about right, will dust off the daisys…

How do I make cut-offs?

To celebrate #SOTB, all Track Sabbath shirts are $15. Link in my signature. Limited sizes in each design.


purchased in a variety of sizes

now all i need is a track bike…

The discount diluted the irony.


I’ve got something else to send you, so this works out well.

That’s the spirit!


Well I sold more than I expected. I stupidly didn’t think to count the shirts when I put them up for sale this morning, so I had to list them as “sold out” for the time being to make sure I don’t sell what I don’t have.

If you do want one, PM with your size and design and I’ll let you know what I have. I only have small left in Vol 2 and L and XL in the Dove design.

Classic Doltan.

Dltn pls

Alright, I have 4 shirts left. 2 Large and 2 XL. Both are the Dove design.

Thanks to everyone else that ordered, I’ll be posting the shirts tomorrow.