Summer of track bike is coming. #SOTB

Eddy Merckx Vintage Track Bike | eBay

This could go for hardly anything or for a heap, depending on how early people decide to jump on summer of track bike (sotb)

I saw gene today & he was wearing “trendy” pants & riding his brakeless Look, so it’s definitely coming.

This is nice also, I assume it has never seen the street.

definitely. sold with spare rings etc, gotta be a race bike.

double post, refer to below!!

A bike with racing pedigree is extra points in the street.

If you wanted to get rid of that mountain bike you bought 6 months ago, now is the time to swap it for this Aerospoke.
Very ironicool in 2014.
Aerospoke Rim 700c Track bike Fixie Fixed gear | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Manningham Area - Templestowe | 1055805130

ATTN: tall Queenslanders.
This looks bigger than a 58cm.
Track Bike for sale in Greenmount QLD | Track Bike

Too bad it’s not a frameset coz those components aren’t worth it, and you won’t get much flipping them

Low ball him, tell him he can keep the seat and pedals.
Put better seat and pedals on, relace the wheels and the summer is yours!!

Someone please buy the Falcon so I can get my dirty on and get an MTB. Sweet bonuses for keen interested parties ie. extra chain rings and cogs plus a nice track bag for them to live in maybe even some rollers to sweeten the deal even more.

You’re doing this all wrong Markee, it is the summer of track bike not mountain bikes!!! :wink:

Very excited about the SOTB. Thought it was gonna be last summer, but I was wrong.

Damn hipsters getting into stuff before everyone else

Markee you should buy my mtb so I can buy a summer fixie.

Kenevans Track Bike 55SQ Vintage Fixie Yada Yada Yada in Fitzroy North, VIC | eBay

The paint on this is great.

“Dad, can I turn ya roadbike into a fixie?”
Giant TCR Fixie in Brighton, VIC | eBay

Halo tyre on the rear for heaps of skids.
Fuji Track PRO Single Speed Fixie Track Bike | eBay

Unloved Bianchi Pista with 18 hours left, currently at $152.50.
Bianchi Pista in Portland, VIC | eBay

i have one of these as my race bike.

it’s good but i got it complete, brand new for $612 at a goldcross clear out about 3yrs ago.

i also ride a medium and am 5’10", so i’d wanna check it for size first as they’ve obviously cut the seatpost and it can’t be raised more than an inch or two.

worth a lowball offer, see how ya go, coz if it fits it could be a decent pickup.

my 2c.

^^^The seller has a number of road bikes for sale as well, so maybe he is short on some cash, which would benefit the low baller.