Summer Sprint Series

I know that Carl Brewer mentioned to some folks here on Sunday morning @DISC about a track racing series he was helping to organise @Blackburn so I thought I would post the links of where you can find out more information if you are interested

<a href=“”>Here</a> and <a href=“”>here</a>

Was really well run, and I encourage everyone to go out and get some good match sprint event practice in at these events…

Without your support, these events wont happen!

For those of you looking for some pratice befor ethe Metro Champs, Sunday December 2nd sees round 3 of the Trek Summer Sprint Series.

Round 2 was a washout, but the office of weather is claiming clear skies so the action will be on!!!

Limited number of places are available (30 spots) and it is first come first served.

Check out for more info on times and all.

Round 4 is coming soon. Sunday the 3rd of Feb. More info here :

‘match sprinting for the rest of us’

I would like to race this one on the 3.2.8. Anyone else going :|?

Yep, I’m in.