Summer sprints

They will be held at the Victoria Hotel, Brunswick.

Sunday November 25
Sunday December 23
Sunday January 27

Start time will be around 2pm

As per usual, MDMA are doing there best to bring on a truckload of swag. (At the ACMC presentation we managed to more than fill the stage with donated gear)
Bike shops and bike brands are on board, as well as some local (non bike related) shops around the Brunswick area, all donating goods and services as prizes. (Not to mention McKenny’s $1200)

There will also be shitloads of drink prizes and meal vouchers, and if if you don’t get one of those, jugs of beer and gypsy cider are only $12! bands playing in the courtyard too

so keep these dates free and get yer arse down

There is a Facebook event to keep up to date with as well.

feel free to invite and spread the word

SUMMER SPRINTS at the VIC | Facebook



Flier coming soon, it’s real pretty.

it really is.

Despite being broken into and being robbed of two Cinelli’s last night… URBAN VELOCITY are supplying two bikes for the Summer.
So, massive props to Bryn for his support

that’s pretty fucked!

i don’t live too far from that place but i’ve never ventured in, is it actually a store or a distro?

yeah… unbelievable… broke in the front door. grabbed two fully kitted cinelli’s and … off they went… bastards. I hate bike thievery more than anything.

Yeah, it’s an actual store, and he’s a really nice guy too. anyone who is willing to build up a couple of bikes to be used for goldsprints at a pub is a good bloke. ha.

he’s just about to move into some more trials bikes and MTBs too.

sounds like a good dude indeed, will need to drop in next time i’m riding past.

see kids? sponsorship works






less than a week now!

Only a couple of days to go until the inaugral edition of Summer Sprints rolls up at The Vic, here’s how we’re gonna (attempt to) run it on Sunday.

There’ll be two kinds of racing going on, Tournament and Grudge matches. Tournament is the (semi) serious stuff. Qualifiers, heats, a ladder, working our way to the top, casting aside the sweaty bodies of those who couldn’t cut it, an epic quest to discover who truly rules the rollers round these parts.

The Tournament will feature both a ladies and a gents division, entry is $10 and you’ll be racing for the prizes supplied by our generous sponsors. If you want to race Tournament style then get down EARLY. Registration begins at 2 and once we fill up the roster we’ll start qualifiers. We estimate that the roster will take about an hour to fill.

Grudge matches are a little simpler. Just you and the opponent of your choosing up on the bikes for 400 metres of pain. Best mate? Lover? Visiting relative from foreign climes? Get them up there and see who humiliates who. Grudge matches are $5 per race, thats two fiddy per person, Bargain! Anyone can race, even if you’re not entered in the Tournament. You’ll be racing for honour, glory and maybe free beer.

We’ll be running grudge matches before, during and after the tournament. Come find us at the rego desk, pay your money and take the ride.

if you didn’t make it down for this today, you missed out.

after a few “technical issues” with one of the bikes, things got going a bit later than planned, but it was a well organised, well structured day.

i was planning on just watching after a few too many last night, but ended up registering and winning a few rounds, before having to go outside and have a little moment to myself. close to spewing, but held it together… just.

if you’re around for xmas, get your arse back to the vic hotel in brunswick, on dec 23rd and have a crack!!

good times, thanks MDMA.

rocked up late and still got to get on the bikes and have a spin, fucking rad little set up they got going, definitely recommend coming to the next one if you missed out this time round

Cheers dudes.

All technical issues are sorted (read: we wont lose the sensor box thingies again :)). Glad you had a rad time!

Took a bunch of photos before I had to leave.

MDMA Goldsprints 25/11/12 - a set on Flickr

My two favourites.

Summing up the event in one photo.

P1050781.jpg by Dan Wylie, on Flickr

Can’t decide if plunkett looks nice or like some sort of grinning psychopath.

P1050845.jpg by Dan Wylie, on Flickr

grinning psychopath

Alright everyone, you’ve had a month off to recover and rejuvenate those legs. Now get ready to come down to the Victoria-Hotel Brunswick this Sunday and do it all again!
Prizes will be bountiful, jugs will be cheap and fun will be in abundance. If you weren’t there last month then you better make sure you are there this time.

Everyone is welcome, no experience or skill necessary.
So come down, have some fun and spin to win!

Rego starts at 2pm

If you’re not part of the fun, you’re part of the boredom