Sun 27" rims with Origin8 flip flop... ANY GOOD ???

hi folks

subject says it all… came across some Sun 27" rims with Origin8 hubs with a flip flop… are they any good as far as a budget line goes??


are they actually 27"? do you want 27" or 700c? post a link of the wheels, or their equivalent.

i think the origin 8 hubs are sealed bearing, so they will be fine.

supposed to be 27"… that is what I have already on the bike… so will fit with everything… hopefully :?

Velomine are pretty good to deal with. I got a chainring from there and it got to me reasonably quick.

decent hubs, decent rims, decent price. i say go for it.

cool… thanx guys… now just have to count my pennies to see if I can afford new wheels just because I want to try out fixed rather than running with just single :smiley: :smiley:

looks like around $230 all up… damn was looking for something not too much more than 150-160… the bike only cost me $200 and is a bitsa so don’t want to spend heaps on it

may have to just buy some hubs and spokes and lace my own… any ideas of where to get reasonable hubs… esp flippyfloppy for a decent price ??

you can always transfer parts, so no real reason to go stingy, unless its a bike you intend on locking up at the station etc.

Have you had much experience with building wheels before? I’ve never done it, but perhaps someone on here can provide some perspective on exactly how difficult it is, and if it will actually work out to be cheaper. My guess is that it will be very difficult without the right tools, and not much cheaper anyway.

$230 is not all that expensive for a wheelset and you can always put them on a new bike when you upgrade. Otherwise, keep an eye on the forum for a cheap rear wheel.

@jaseyjase… what do you mean by “transfer parts”? use some I have and add others?

if so, that is what I thought… the 27 rims are the old skool square profile which I quite like being the old fart I am and they are not in “too bad” a condition… only one slight nick out of the front wheel (I think)

@Rohan… no experience with a complete wheel build… but do a pretty good job of truing with only the old marker-on-the-rim-while-on-the-frame trick…

and Sheldon Brown’s wheel building lesson is pretty good…

sure there is a lot of experience that goes into great wheel building… but as I have found with most things there is more mystique than anything surrounding most things in life that are in reality quite simple… especially if one takes it slow and easy… softly softly catchy monkey… and it is amazing what one can do with very few tools indeed… spoke key/tool is pretty much all that is needed really

and I could simply build the rear first… to satisfy my fixed gear bicycle desire :-D… and later rebuild the front… so only need the 2 hubs… maybe $60 and somewhere between $50 and $80 for the spokes … so all up between $110 - $140 compared to $230+ … ~$100 towards the Brooks B17 Special I just bought (if the guy will eventually get the damn invoice right) and really need a new headset as the one in there is almost screwed and looks like crap

but I do take your point that it may not work out all that much cheaper in the long run… and if I had the cash free at the moment I would not hesitate to go for it just not sure I want to spend that much at the moment… especially since missing out on a better paying job I almost got :frowning:

missus would probably say “get them if I want” but with all that goes with mortgage blues… dunno

unfortunately 27’s are a reasonably difficult item to come by it seems, with all wheels being 700c in the fixed gear bicycle circuit

$60 for two hubs?

Are you in Melb? Im sure that Abbotsford cycles would lace up a hub to your old rim for you.

perhaps a bit old, but might scrub up ok.

I got some 700c Weinmann DP18 (Deep Vs) with Formula hubs delivered for about $175 recently – good deal:

Otherwise you can get the LP18 for about $155:

Not 27" – but you can easily get a longer reach brake caliper if you need it (you may not), and there are other benefits in going 700c as far as future upgrades etc.

@icecream… not a bad idea at least to be able to checkout fixed and could then swap the flip flop hub with what I have on at the moment

@diddy… thanks for those links… had not seen the low profile ones… rather nice altho all silver would be nicer… trying to convert to all black and silver on a cream frame… the sophisticated look :smiley: :smiley:

dunno how you guys keep finding all the weird stuff on the bay… thought I was a pro at finding stuff on there… looks like not :smiley:

Unless you love the frame, I’d be leaning towards a 700c wheelset over a 27” wheelset. Bigger range of tyres is just one of the advantages. I’ve only seen decent 27" tyres once (Gatorskins), the rest are rubbish. When you can pick up tyres cheap of Wiggle, 700c get’s even more attractive.

Also, if you do “upgrade” the frame at a later date, you’ll already have a 700c wheelset.

Wack on some 28 or 32c tyres and you’ll fine and the clearances won’t look as silly.

this is it… rather nice old skool apparently Japanese frame

aiming to build up a neat retro styled fixed/single (single at the mo’)

Wack on some 28 or 32c tyres and you’ll fine and the clearances won’t look as silly.

is this on the existing frame?

700c wheels with bigger tyres will make the clearance look less janky, as opposed to putting 700x23c tyres on a frame desigend for 27 x 1 1/4 wheels.

In saying that 700c wheels on a frame designed for 27" wheels, plus fenders etc will always look a bit strange…

thanks JLN… not used to the 700c and all that other crap… so have trouble visualising it all when swapping around… so thanks for that pic… definitely looks crap !!! :smiley: don’t want that to happen to my cute old bike :smiley:

but then maybe it is the freakin’ low seat that makes it look real crap

Practically every part of that build is crap…

Are these wheels any better than what HPC sells?