Sunbeam heater remote

hello team,

i am currently in a wrestling match with my old real estate crew about a remote control for the heater in our last rental. We have lost it/thrown it out in the move, or something else. They aren’t giving us our bond before we give em a remote for it.

My call for help is a long shot, but then, i think its kind of a popular heater… anyone who has a sunbeam HE3900 (2200 w micatherm) heater and isnt using their remote, I will buy that thing right off of you! I have no idea why a heater like that needs a remote anyway. We never used the heater let alone the remote…

Anyway, pretty much name your price!

heater looks like (and is) this:

is this any good to you??

Sunbeam REMOTE CONTROL HE3900 part no HE39102

Thats a bloody good point. I should have mentioned that I have ordered on from that site and I believe it to be super dodgy, so my community service announcement is to avoid those guys :slight_smile: There is another site exactly the same as it, same layout, typeface and so on, different name, same “stock”. Map for “Locate your store” is based on Miami, and I think the Paypal address is Wisconsin. Zero comms in relation to my request fo a tracking number. I guess i have about a 10% hope that its legit, but I am trying to track another one down anyway.
But, brother, thanks a million for hunting stuff down to that extent! I appreciate the heck out of it.

If it comes to it, they can’t withhold your entire deposit just for the remote.

have you tried contacting the renter’s ombudsperson to make sure they have the right to withhold entire bond over such a small thing?
seems like they’re being unreasonable.
sometimes all you have to do is mention you’re going to the authorities and they back down

its 40+ and we have a thread about heaters, WTF

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Ha! Snail, thats a good point, but its not really that hot today, is it? Felt cooler this morn than yesterday morn, which makes me feel like I am ready for anything.

Yeah, def not a cool thing o have the whole bond held up on remote, but trying to sort it smoothly before hitting with citations of regs and so on… next week! I got tix to USA to book and the bond needs to happen ASAP

Just give them any white remote you can find that looks suitable. Theres a good chance they won’t check if it works.
Or buy a heater, take out the remote and then return it…

was gonna say that, argue like fuck or buy the heater off them sans remote (minus 75% of retail obviously).

find a local agent and see if they can order you one

Service Agent Locator - Sunbeam

Buy another heater with remote. Pour milk and / or stuff a chicken breast into it somehow, take Sunbeam heater with you.

Wait, that will only fuck over the new tenants that will have a house smelling of sour milk and / or chicken.