Sunburst Paconi

Recently built my second ride:

Frame: Paconi 59 X 57 - Columbus tubing w Campag tips and dropouts
Wheelset: Suzue Promax laced to Mavic Open Pro
Cranks: Dura Ace
Chainring: Dura Ace 45T
Stem: Nitto Pearl 7
Bars: Cinelli Pista
Seatpost: Dura Ace
Headset: Dura Ace
Bottom Bracket: Sugino
Pedals and Clips: MKS
Saddle: San Marco

Very, very nice.

This pic makes you look like a Giant.

Haha yeah its a weird angle, the frame is pretty big but i’m only just 6ft… Stand over clearance is minimal but the length is right and i kinda dig the exaggerated track geometry look it gets from not being square.

He looks like a giant …his mate must live on top of the beastalk. Nice pony. very nice pony

Lovely, Does the paint fade orange/red or is it just light?

It fades orange to red…

Thought so get some better pics up.

Love that frame, you must post some more pics.

you have a leg tattoo, vans and skinny jean shorts
fuck the bike, you go my vote :wink:

I love the sunburst colour, my road frame is orange sunburst too, or sunburnt. The sun actually faded part of the paint all crazy.
Yeah more pics.

new pics…

one word! Sexy … bow-chicka-waa-waa

it’s pretty sick, the black handlebar tape kinda ruins it for me though. superficial i know.

coffee: did you sandblast/paint it/ powdercoat it and put decals on? or is the frame as-is?

Yeah the handlebar tape is for practical rather than aesthetic reasons, i prefer the look of all steel bars too…

I bought the frame as is, but it has obviously been resprayed at some point.

This bike wins.