Sunday 10/9 Long'ish ride + Food, Beer, Vodka......

Sorry all,

Busy, lazy, forgetful,

Therefore this is a bit late notice… (unless you saw it at Shifter)

This Sunday,

“This Sunday we will be riding with some of the crew from out the Warby Trail. Meeting at 9am at Richmond Station. Train to Lilydale, ride to Cog Bike Cafe, then out the Warby Trail to the Polish Jester for a long lunch and vodka. Ride back to Lilydale station.”

Get yourselve’s along, all are welcome…

It’s going to be good… (but only if you turn up)

Cheer’s… Pete.

Ride your bike, that’s what it’s for…

Does it have to be fixed? I want to take ‘cross’ bike out for a burl.

I’m not fussed, (and I’m sure that no one else will be)

I will be happy just to be out and riding,

The more the merrier…

After all, it’s all bikes, and you’ve still got to pedal them… (no Moto’s :slight_smile:

If anyone say’s anything to upset you, about having girly gears just let me know… :slight_smile:

I just read on Dan’s site that no-one showed? What happened?

Well I Fu*ked up Sunday…

Majorly overslept, so was a no show.

Apologies. Pete.

Well I didn’t break any promises. That’s why I don’t make them.

Dan’s obviously forgotten about that early Sunday morning I was waiting for people to show up. To protect the innocent, let’s call them Dan and Tristan.

Dan said on his site he was calling it off :confused:

No that was the Critical Spaz that was called off.

I got home at 9:15, in no state to ride.