Sunday arvo ride.

Open to everybody, riding around backwards for a little while at Martin Plc on Sunday arvo, meet up at 5:30. After a little while and a few incomplete backward circles we go for a ride some where’s. It’s chilled mostly and all are welcome. Girls are welcome too, we already have a few checks hooning with us.

This weekend, the plan is to ride to Redleaf for some swim and beer action (weather permitting).

Should be good.

I reckon I’ll be up for that! Will probably ride around forwards for a bit though just to go against the grain…
Its what I do… :mrgreen:
Look out for a red/white Capo

Forwards, backwards anyways man. It’s all good. See you then. Bring your boardies too.

Hi “Faz” where bout In martin pl Exac place…?? is that in corner of george or something the one they Put the big gigantic Crist Tree :roll:

I guess they’ll be the ones riding backwards…Martin place aint that big, ride from top to bottom in 15 seconds

I’m gonna bail… Hangover worse than expected. Will probs see you guys next week though.

i was gonna say the same thing… should be fairly obvs i woulda thought

martin place goes all the way from macquarie st to george.

thats pretty long. but yeah, i think they meet in front of number 1 (george st)

30-40 bike riders any where in Martin Plc would probably be pretty obvious. Well this weeks ride is done and dusted with a massive turn out (thanks Dez and everybody) check the pictures out here-

I’m super hyped on how it went, stay tuned for next weeks ride/swim/beer/ride/eat and beer/beer destination.

I was there yesterday on my bmx, holy shit I’ve never seen so many bikes in one spot. Where does everyone come from? There must have been 40 people there who I’ve never seen before, and some amazing bikes for being ridden backwards in circles.

Yeah man, yesterday was a massive turn out. There was a few BMXers I saw, but you guys didn’t make it out to Redleaf for a swim right?
Next time man.

Every time I swim there is a dramatic increase in yeti sightings. So I don’t swim. I was happy to go bmx riding with other people for a change.

New destination this week. We are riding to Gordons Bay, right next to Clovelly. Little bit of swim action off the rocks there, it’ll be fucken awesome.

Meeting at Martin Plc near George St as usual at 5:30pm.

See you there.

We rode up to the cliffs there on the wed night right this week! Such a good spot! Hopefully I’ll be out this weekend

Cool man, be good to have you.

you guys accept newcomers? pretty sick of riding by myself…

Where we goin this sundies… Boss

Dez said something about a cruisey ride to pyrmont point park followed by a bbq

:mrgreen:BBQ Hmm Nyam Tofu anyone…??

Of course man. did you make it down to Pyrmont park last weekend?

This week we going to have a little race from Martin Plc to a beach somewhere either Bondi or Maroubra. It’s going to be team race and we’re going to try pick the teams evenly. The rules are your whole team has to finish for it to win. The winners get free longnecks. Teams of maybe 5 - 6 depending on how many people turn up. It should be fun and chilled and we going to swim after.

Get involved!