Sunday ride

going to japan on Monday, so I will be off the bike for 2 weeks. Sad face.

So I will be smashing a big ride on my own on saturday (aiming at total and utter self-destruction), but sunday I will meet anyone who is keen for a cruisey ride at the bottom (south bris side) of the kurilpa bridge (my new fave) at 11 am! not sure of route, but it will be awsm.


finish at polo. yeh.

any chance of kicking things off at 10 so that I have time to fit in a pitstop to swap bikes prior to polo?

no probs - 10 it is!

new time to avoid heat and we head north to redcliffe!

6 am start at city side of kurilpa bridge.


You aren’t by any chance gonna be swingin by the Sugino factory while your in Jap?

where’s the sugino factory?

Address : 287-1 Tohkujyo-cho, Nara 630-8144 Japan
TEL : +81-742-62-5311
FAX : +81-742-62-5320

Dunno, never been there, but I’d be grabbin a bag of cranks and rings if it were me…

I am goin to Kyoto, and Osaka but not Nara as yet. we shall see.

back to 10am start!

make up your mind shitbird!