sunday skills session 21-10-12

hey, i’ve been asked to run the sunday skills session at DISC this week. if you ever wanted to try to boards - or are already a racer who still feels a little uncomfortable on the track - you should totally come down. 8 til 11, darebin road thornbury.

reckon we’ll do some bumping, defending a spot, forcing a gap… lots of positioning stuff. it’ll be fun.

Hey brendan, this session in general is a Brunswick group but newbz racers non member combos are welcome to attend without rocking the apple cart?
Have a friend who should have come if so?

i won’t be taking it again (the early morning near killed me…) but i’m happy to fill you in.

yes, noobs are welcome, but should call phil on the number provided on the brunswick website to discuss. and yes, your friend should definitely come.

which is here - Brunswick Cycling Club » Event Calendar - click on the Sunday Track Development Session event for drop down info.

Does this mean you’re taking up a coaching role, brendan?

doubt it


Thanks, im on it!