Suntour Crank (Quick Question)

Hey anyone here know if Suntour Superbe Crank have PCD of 144mm?

I am at uni, going to bike shop soon but my bike is at home…

If it’s a track crank then it will be 144.

awesome man :smiley: thank you very much
I got a 51T atm…i dont wnana run 51 and 16cog. 42/16 or 47/16 any recommendation??


42/16 is a great gear, I’ve been using it the whole time I’ve been riding fixed, and even b4 that as SS. It’s one of those gears that ppl discribe as “Not too hard on the uphill, and nott too spinny on the downhill”.

THx buddy, so the just right gear…!!

I’d say that you should go search out a gear inches table and from that work out what gear you think you want.

It’s a very trial and error kind of process…

FYI 42x16 = 69 inches.

Personally I would go the bigger chainring where possible.

47/18 is only one gear inch lower than 42/16. And the bigger chainring should give you a smoother feel, better aesthetics (I reckon) and cogs are cheaper than chainrings.

and…you can measure the distance between two adjacent chainring bolt holes and multiply by 1.7 - that gives you the bcd.

Or you can remember things like this:

  • most track cranks are 144 (unless they’re old and 151)
  • Shimano road cranks are 130mm
  • Campag & Miche road cranks are 135mm
  • mj’s cranks are not the same as anything else. Some say that the bcd on a single crank can change over time! :-o

well for comparison, or conversation you’d normally use 27 as a multiplier, so it’s more like 71". Here’s the chart you need:

draw a horizontal line at some refence point and read off all the closest gear combos.

Would it be fair to say that MJ himself is not like anything else, or is that too OT?

So, back on topic, and with a real answer :slight_smile:

If the distance between the bolt holes (center-to-center) is 84.6mm, its 144bcd.

okies dokies I am going to do some measure tonight…Also Anyone here got a 42T hanging around in the tool box? hehe :mrgreen:

You still need one? I have. It’s a bit worn but OK for fixed use.

  • Joel