SunTour has risen from the ashes

Beardo’s frothing at the mouth?

Dig the 50.4 to 110/74 spider.
Also digging the 120mm cassette hub. How many sprockets do you fit on that?

Shimano once made a narrow-spaced 7sp 120mm OLD freehub but mostly standard 5sp or narrow 6sp. Standard 6sp freewheels/ cassettes were 126mm OLD. Narrow 7sp were 127mm, 8sp were 130mm.

Hey thats sweet

cool I guess, but really what is the demand for 120mm hubs?

They are competing with VO for the Vintage look modern tech market which will be hard…

There are lots of vintage road frames with 120 OLD spacing but good freewheels are getting harder to find, there’s not that many NOS SunTour Winner Pros out there, especially outside a 13-18 corncob. Plus a cassette hub will be stronger (bearing spacing) if you actually want to ride the bike, and you can break up modern cassettes easily to string together a 5/6sp block. You’ll gain 11/12T & >25T sprockets too.

The difference between them and VO is that their products will most likely be high quality, not just shiny.

Burn! So the VO-FOA love has ended?

ok, I have little experience with that era stuff and I read the same about the SKF BBs resurrecting old french frames.
Which must be true enough for companies to think its worth while.

But prices will be high-ish due to low quanties produced?

Im sure it’ll cost more than consumer shimano gear, but it’s probably still cheaper than NOS parts.

I had no idea Spirito was the CEO of Suntour:

As he puts it “the market is too race-centric; carbon fiber, electric shifting, full suspension, 11 speed, doesn’t really enhance the enjoyment of cycling. In the 1970’s and 80’s we cycled to be closer to nature, for the environment, for our health, for the simple beauty of cycling.” For these reasons SunXCD will focus on touring and randonneuring components which were the focus of SunTour during its heyday.

Cool. Funny name though.