Superbe gruppo



Someones smoking crack. I put together a nos 8 speed superbe pro road groupo for waaaaaaay less than that.

Erle did you notice its the same dude that has the NOS Nagasawa? He had alot more money on that and now its dropped down.

I just finished putting that exact group on my track bike excluding the pedals and addmitidly it wasn’t NOS. But it’sin farrking amazing condition and the wheels were built up for less than a 1/4 of that… Dont forget every suntour cog and 3 spare chain rings as well.

I should send him a message offering him a trade for more crack :wink:

They can talk the talk though:

i doubt very much if an auction like this can ever be repeated by anyone else

the holy grail of NJS groupsets from the immortalized manufacturer MAEDA INDUSTRIES JAPAN

Geeze what next NJS turns water into wine?? It’s just a fucking stamp.

Having said that, the bits DO look nice in their original crumpled plastic!

wrong hub box. NJS /= Sealed

maybe you should let him know Joe.

Haha I was going to… but didnt want to be one of those people

Where do I get one of these stamps? Can we manufacture one? I’m gonna stamp my arse or something


that camoshop guy should totally get an njs tattoo!

Cam has no room, my idea, my tattoo!

Pretty sure it has been done, but can’t find it in a shitload of crap tattoos on GIS…

Wonder if that guy is NOS?

I’ll get it on my hip, and really small.

Copy the one on Horatio’s seatpost!

or N and S on your butt cheeks

that could kinda work with both NJS and NOS