superbe pro hub repack

just repacked a superbe pro hub, but on tightening the cones it still feels a little notchy. not so much when i just spin the axle with my fingers, but when i spin the wheel holding the axles i feel a little notchyness. i’ve tried various adjustments of the cone, but didn’t seem to make much difference. the cup and cones appeared to be visually flawless.

so… a few questions:
[li]should I replace the ball bearings? if so, what are the best bearings to use, and where might i purchase them?[/li][li]any chance replacement bearing retainers are available?[/li][li]i used a generous amount of grease (phil wood waterproof), certainly a lot more than appeared to be there originally… should i be more conservative? [/li][li]should i look into converting to cartridge bearings, as per this thread: [/li][/ul]

i didn’t pay that much attention to cleaning the bearing retainers, so perhaps just give it another shot being super careful to clean everything.

get new bearings. try abbotsford if you’re in melbourne. i don’t bother with the retainers, you can usually fit an extra bearing in either side without them.

as for the ‘notchyness’, how closely did you check for any scoring? replacement cones aren’t that difficult to get.

edit: wrong link.

New bearings won’t help if your races are pitted. The races may look fine but try running a pencil along them.

Have you been riding these on the street (in rain etc)?