Superlite fixie

I picked up this REPCO Superlite off a mate about a week ago. It was about to go to the tip, its about a 91 model and the gears were buggered, it hadn’t been ridden in years. I took it off his hands, got some bits together and with the help of my LBS (Kidsons cycles Wagga, these guys are great!) threw it together. I’ll be riding it brakeless for a bit but have a front brake on the way as i’m in a fairly flat, low traffic area at the moment… Next upgrades will probably be a white seat, and then look at getting a replacement front wheel.

nice mate, go the repco’s!

ps, ive got a white Charge Spoon cromo saddle up for sale if your interested, excellent condition, pm me if your keen :smiley:

cheers jase.

very nice save

Nice recycle. My next project is a Superlite.

Went for the first ride today, 10km down the highway to the bakery. Still got a few bugs to iron out with fitting the bike and stuff, but damn it was good fun. Low rolling hills all the way there!

Yeah, I’m in warrnie so not much in the way of hills round here. Just wind…