surly fixxer?

Any thoughts?

yay or nay.

has anyone used one? would they recommend it?

Got a Steamroller a few months back from BMC on Wright St, Adelaide. Love it. My first fixer and I couldn’t be happier with the way it rolls. It won’t bar spin if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking to do, it’s just a no nonsense frame with reasonable parts for the $

think he meant the hub?

At about $100 (on ebay last time i checked) i dont know why you wouldnt just buy a whole rear wheel, built with a track hub.

If you get it for free/cheap, and you have a half decent rear freewheel, then by all means.

By ‘rolls’ I meant the way it rides overall. Sure, there are better wheel sets/hubs out there in value but as a walkout fixer package for a noob, I think it’s great.

dutch, definitely not arguing they make a good noob package. My point was i think the OP was referring to the ‘surly fixxer’ hub converter rather than a complete surly bike.

Like this

DOH! Righto, now I’m on track… ta.

only good on shimano hubs.

Have almost gone with one a couple of times for conversions but another solution I liked better has always come up (eg last time I scored an ENO hub cheap and built a wheel around that instead)

That said, there are a couple of fixxer users on here (snowflake maybe? or maybe Blakey?) and a couple of blokes I have known from elsewhere who say they work fine. They give a decent chainline and you can space them out for different dropout spacings. Dunno if any wheel re-dishing is needed.

You do need to make sure that the hub you want to put it on is compatible - not all shitmano hub bodies are the same and not all “shimano-compatible” hubs have the requisite spline pattern in the hub body.