Surly Recall

[i]Surly Long Haul Trucker recall

2 September 2010. Two highly regarded bikes, the Surly Crosscheck and the Surly Long Haul Trucker, have been recalled in Australia because of faulty brakes.

According to the recall notice, all of these bikes sold between February 2006 and August 2010 should not be ridden and owners should contact the dealer immediately.

“Failure of the brake cable could result in the cable impacting the tyre. This may potentially lead to loss of control and possible injury.
Some bicycles may not be fitted with a brake cable catch hook to the cantilever brakes.”

The Bikes were sold in specialty bicycle stores Australia wide and were supplied by Dirt Works Australia Pty Ltd.

Consumers should contact the store of purchase or Dirt Works Australia Pty Ltd. via email - or phone 02-9679-8400[/i]

Could be a small field at the next CX race…

That’s a fair amount of elapsed time before they realised there was an issue…

Wait… so the only thing wrong is that they don’t have the cable hanger?

Total bullshit. Blame fixie hipsters and brakeless bikes being sold. Dirtworks are covering their arses after the Steamroller. I bet they don’t even have a 'brake cable catch hook’ to fit to the bikes yet, but will probably cobble something out of a reflector bracket.

The “failure” is when your brake cable breaks or the clamp comes loose and as the arms spring out the straddle wire is pulled down onto the tyre. If you had aggresive knobbies on, maybe, just maybe, you might endo if the front fails.

If you have fenders or slick tyres, it’s a non-issue. I think the stock item is a link wire though, which has less chance of catching a knob (and was the intent of the design).

Edit: Internet says there have been ‘deaths & grisly accidents’ from straddle wires catching front knobbies, but no specifics.

Oh wow. That is complete bullshit :expressionless:

Brakes… no brakes… we can’t win !


so what about LHTs and CCs sold in the rest of the world?

edit: nothing on the Surly site about this

It’s an ACCC issue, not a real recall.

Surly responded on the SurlyLHT-CC mailing list, but it’s clearly not worth mentioning on the website.

Just saw this on commuter cycles instagram in regards to their 8-pack and 24-pack racks.

“Please ask customers to remove the racks from their bikes. Have them hang on to the rack and the hardware. We’ll be communicating next steps soon regarding what the resolution and process will look like. The solution we’re hoping to be able to go with will get the racks back up and on the bikes for safe use.’”

Gees I’m glad I didn’t go with the 8pack. I was pretty close to getting one