Surly Steamroller

I had thought about getting a commuter for a little while, but never really was that keen to take the plunge.
That was until tax time came around and the tax man was nice enough to give me a very nice ‘bonus’!
I decided on a Surly Steamroller, but with plans to put a freewheel on it for the 6 or so km commute to work. After riding it for a few weeks now im going to leave it fixed.
Its completely stock as a rock except for a cheapo flatbar with Animal Edwin grips, some mks sylvan pedals, plus the lights and mudguard.
Rides very well and its a good stress relief after spending all day at a computer.
so now some photos.


and my other bike.
Fly Pantera 2 frame with a mix of odyssey and s&m parts, plus a khe geisha freecoaster for good measure :mrgreen:


Mmmmm shiny bits!

Got myself one of these a few weeks ago, also with the intentions of changing it to freewheel. Likewise I decided to keep it fixed. So much fun!

This may be a dumb question, but how exactly did you remove the stickers from the frame? I started trying to pick one off with my fingers, but stopped for fear of scratching the paint.

If I’m not wrong, Surly’s are powdercoated. You won’t be scratching that with your fingers.


Nice BMX.

i took to the stickers with a pressure washer at the local carwash. the stickers came off pretty easy, but was left with some sticky film where they were, so i used oven cleaner to clean it all up.

its got a crappy matte black paint job with some gold in it now.

A hair dryer works well on lots of decals. Eucalyptus oil is good for getting off the sticky crud.

Nice rides but what happens to your knees when changing from one to the other or do you ride the bmx standing ?

you dont sit down whilst riding the bmx.

updated photos.
it probably looked better maroon!

I like Rolls saddles :smiley:

So I’m guessing the saddle is there in case you bottom out on a jump? :roll:

if you miss your pedals, it saves you losing yourself on the top tube or rear tyre. its down that low so its out of the way. there really isnt any need to have a higher seat on a bmx.

You need to chop the flaps off the side of that Rolls.
Ala my ride:,2902.0.html
They look weird IMHO.

i could, but i probably wont.
i have never really noticed the flaps!

small update.

ive got another headset for it which needs installing.
i also need to sort out a new bottom bracket so i dont have to run my chain ring on the inside.
itd look nicer with a silver chain as well.

I saw this down at Abb Cycles on Sat. Great rims!

I scraped my decals off with the back of a key and then orange cleanered off the leftover gunk.

Looking good, Thomson + risers is a match made in heaven.

dam that seat is raised high :-o

ive got long legs.

Pretty sure i saw this in flinders lane the other day. Looks good :mrgreen: