Sus Van at Capel st North Melbourne

I was coming out of the restaurant at 9:20pm and i saw a man loading a bike into a white van. He saw me watching him and he looked sus, he quickly shut the door and left. I got the licence plate just incase. So if you hear of a stolen bike in this area this might help

plate no: NER-617 (i 99% sure)

was it near Ponybikes by any chance? late night pick up?

PM user ponybikes, who runs a shop in Capel St.

Looks like you noted the rego correct. Did a check on that rego… 1995 White Toyota Van

how does one do this exactly…?

Hack the VIcPol website…


Just do a Vehicle Registration Enquiry check like I did :cool: - Check vehicle details before purchase : VicRoads

cool, didn’t know you could do that.

you could call Crimestoppers, 1800 333 000 and give them the details.

Sorry, it was on the corner of Capel and Queensbury st.

Yeah, i’ll do that.

…or you could just petrol bomb their van. Different strokes, etc.

Was it an expensive looking bike?

Maybe, they have got involved in stolen my bike.
Is there any person who knows black market something?