Swanston St to be car free


Cars out in latest Swanston Street revamp

But how will they deal with the cycling menace?


Those flouro vests and helmetless heads make an easy target.

the cyclist haters are already sounding off in the comments. it makes me lol.
i think they need to employ someone like mr dylan as a bike safety ambassador. clearly he can’t run reds and menace pedestrians if he’s got a beer in one hand, riding notoriously slowly, and eating bidon pringles.

I would like to discourage FGA members from using that “Fl…” word on the forum. WE prefer the term “Hi-Vis”.

Can’t decide if this is gonna work or not. Seems like there will just be even more pedestrians blindly ambling all over the road. Also, if the cycle lane is curb-enclosed, (as it is in the carlton section of Swanston) it leaves very little space to dodge intruders. I’d rather dance with the traffic on Elizabeth.

Yeah sick, so now pedestrians will still have to cross the path of cyclists to get to the tram… even though they are doing this Swanston St facelift to optimise each party’s use of the space?

so stupid.

It’s just gonna be like the Copenhagen lanes further up. Pedestrians not looking cos there is supposedly nothing dangerous to look for, and no place for bikes to go to avoid collisions. I would rather a normal road.

yep, I’m going to fit spinning blades to my wheels, and take out wayward pedestrians at the shin.

This is sooooo true

that copenhagen bike lane is more dangerous than any other bike lane. there is always pedestrians just standing around in it, crossing over it like zombies, taxi’s using it as a waiting bay, delivery vans dumping their delivery in the middle of the lane.

it’s like an episode of wipeout on my way to work and school, every freaking day except without the rad commentary.

What, like this?

Fuck it, maybe Doyle was right. At least if there were fucking cars zooming too and fro on Swanston, then dumb people wouldn’t walk all over the road while scrolling through the most recent Coldplay album.

well played chaz!

i love that she is jaywalking.

Should have moved the tram tracks to the outside, and sent the bikes up the middle. It was one of the 7 options they considered. It might not have been perfect, but cold have worked I reckon, although it was the most expensive so was never going to get up.

While riding I often dream of dead straight elevated paths that would clear roads, buildings, freeways, etc, accomodate bikes only and go straight from where I was to where I’m going. Either that, or the equivelant in tunnel form, where the tunnels would have air pumped into them via comically large fans (you know the one’s, with the sunlight filtering through them while van damme fights someone in the moving beams of light) to create massive tail winds - again, starting from the basement at work and terminating under my house.

You mean like the Upfield bike path from my house in Brunswick to my office at Docklands? Yeah, it’s pretty good.

Could be worse - they could do something like that feckin’ crazy Fitzroy St arrangement.

I think I might just njs-walk to/from princes bridge.

i think i’ll buy a cattle-prod. if they want to act like farm animals i should be allowed to use relevant tools*

the questions is… where to mount it?

* i kid, i joke.

just rode through the new swanston st tramstop. it’s pretty sucky. basically turns that end of swanston st into a sightseeing rather then commuter route.