Swap Meet Jan 2012

When Saturday, January 28, 2012. Time 4:00pm until 7:00pm…

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Parts for Polo! - A Bike Jumble and Movie Shinding

Since there was so much interest in a bike swap and since the PCP are hosting the Nationals next year we’ve decided to put the two together and we’re teaming up with the Fringe World Fest to do it right!

Parts for Polo will be a chance for bike mind…ed folks to come and browse, haggle and sell their precious bike loot. Who knows what gold is lurking out there and here’s your chance to find out! After the dust settles on the commerce it will be time to relax and watch some bike films.

The event is free, free, free but we encourage gold coin donations all of which will go to towards the Bike Polo Nationals so you know it makes $$ and sense.

Sellers can register their interest by sending an e-mail to cogs@bikejam.net with Parts for polo in the subject line.

Watch this space for more details, along with films to be screened.

Won’t you join us if you’re free, willing and able?

All bikes welcome!

Perth Cultural Centre
47 James Street Mall, Northbridge, Perth, Australia
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oohhh yes indeedy.

Crazy Awesome. Any ideas what day it will be on yet?

LOL i didnt put the date, will edit the first post!


Looking forward to this! In the diary.

I’m in for this as a seller, will send an e-mail.

defs not going to miss this.

Deffs going to be getting proper redcanned after this lol I have heaps of shit to sell but Cbf!!!

We should set up a B.I.G stall, complete with Emu Export bikini babes and chicken wings for the punters. Gettin grease and beer all over yo’ Nitto stems

$2 a can. That’s almost 100% Profit. I can see this working!

mm…chicken wings.

Not sure what an “Emu Export Bikini Babe” would look like…

What we want:

What we would get:

I was thinking more like this:

Was going to MS Paint some KFC buckets and Export cartons in that pic but CBF

Not my styles, you know me mang!!! They are all yours!!!

crap, outtie for me. Will be up in wanneroo for the Lunar Festival.

aw man! spewin ill be missing out! could have organised some export babes as well :frowning:

LOL Lilly and Alissa??

HA HA HA Ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA that is solid AU.