swapping crank to new frame having problems?? help

im swapping over all the parts from my first fixie i bought to a larger frame which is better suited to myself now the problem im having is when i went to swap over my crank set my chain ring side is very wobbly on the bottom bracket on my new frame the square taper section is too long and my lock nut wont tighten all the way up to my crank arm do I need to replace the whole bottom bracket?? or is there an easier option? its as if i only needs a spacer that will fit around the square taper which will allow the bolt to tighten the crank arm is this possible?? any helpful tips and ideas would be primo. thanks thanks

im not sure how to fix your problem but i know a bottom bracket from abbotsford costs 18$ just a standard shimmano steel one, just for the heads up on prices.

Google ISO vs JIS.

Tell us what specific crank and BB you are using.