swapping crown races

Okay, so I have a new full carbon rigid MTB fork and want to install a crown race which will work with my Cane Creek 40 headset (EC44/40 lower cup). Would prefer a split crown race rather than the stock pressfit crown race that Cane Creek makes - mostly cos I don’t want to place undue force on the base of the steerer tube.

Hope makes one, which even has a similar seal to the CC - I’m 95% sure both bearing races have the same 52mm 36x45 pitch bearings - so is there any reason for why I shouldn’t use the Hope instead?

Cane Creek 52/40

Hope (shown in 1 1/8" - the 1.5 looks the same but bigger :p)



Crown race setter.


paper beats rock, rock beats crown race setter.

i win!

the stress of fitting a trad race to a carbon fork is nothing compared to what it will see under actual riding conditions.

Sweet. Thanks HAL thats what I wanted to hear - stock CaneCreek CR will be fine. chur