Sweat smell on bag straps

The straps on my bag smell real bad. So far I’ve tried soapy water and bacoff to no avail. It’s a waterproof bag so I assume I shouldn’t put it in the washing machine.

let it soak, rnse, repeat and wash in hot water.

worked for me.

mask the smell with somthing more pungent??? fecal matter of any sort should do.

Good point, works for my g strings.

like rangaa blood

i am genuinly interested in this though. according to the wifey my bag fuckin stinks… i cant smell it though.

mr rangdog said i can hand wash no worries so long as i leave it out to dry for ages, else there might be moisture still inbetween fabrics.

get a rack-pannier

^ get a cd player

did lol at the last two responses.

old mate fyxo tipped me into using eucalyptus oil + hot soapy water.

i tend to use wool wash for the soap.

soak for a while and rinse. add a little more oil in the clean water if needs be.

dry in the sun.

have fun.

It’s man smell, just be proud of it.

Otherwise, wait for a really hot day and scrub it with soap and leave it out to bake dry. I found that helps with ice hockey gear (which is lots of padding that soaks up sweat and stinks to high hell). Ezylee can vouch for that ‘unique’ change room smell.

buy a new bag


Soap, water, sunlight. Fixes the stink from my helmet straps every six months. Sorry to not be flippant.

probably shouldn’t strap your bag. that’s probly causing the heavy sweating in the first place…

Like nexus said, hockey gear STINKS after a while and the wife hates it after I come home with a bag full of sweaty gear after the game.

So do a google on how to clean hockey gear. There are heaps of methods people use, Some them is just a rinse and repeat with a soft detergent.

What waterproof bag is it? How valuable is it to you? How long do you want it to last?

  1. Your biggest enemy in most situations is heat, particularly with waterproof bags (true seam taped types, as well as tpu backed bags, or laminated bags). Not that most washing machines get hot enough to melt shit - more that they start the delaminating process.
  2. Second enemy is harsh chemicals. Wool wash like NikCee said is a good option; very gentle (I use this on all my waterproof jackets and it doesn’t clog the fabric, nor does it cause breakdown of coatings/lamination).
  3. Third enemy is shit-tonne of friction while wet and coated in chemicals. Best to hand wash to reduce the abrasion to the waterproof coating.
  4. And final enemy is not drying it properly. Leaving it damp results in rotting/mildewy fabric (and more stink). Very important with multi-layer bags.

So all depends on how expensive your bag is and how long you want it to last after a cleaning really.

I tend to recommend hand-washing in cold water with gentle soap and then allowing it to dry in the sun longer than you think necessary.

Bi Carb soda or clove oil?
Bi carb should neutralise it clve oil will kill alot of mould and bacteria.
Both are pretty safe to work with.