sweeeeet somec!

Gorgeous SOMEC, columbus SL steel frame, MINT !!! | eBay
my size too…

That paint…!

the best ive ever seen…
bloody dear though

Fark! Soooooo nice

My guess is candy over chrome,
This is sooo nice.

love those forks

^ Love that Jase has a fork fetish. :smiley:

Cromovelato is the correct technical term. It’s basically a translucent finish sprayed over chrome which consists of a clear coat that has a coloured toner added.

haha i totally do. I reckon shitty forks can ruin a nice frame.

I agree jase! They have too be up there with the nicest forks I have ever seen…


what groupset and wheels would do justice to the frame?

many would argue it’s sacrilegious, but i’d dress it in a modern group. perhaps even di2, with a relatively modest carbon wheelset. dream bike, done!

I wouldn’t call it sacrilegious, I’d call it sacrelicious, would make a tasty bike.

i woudl get the paint stripper onto it and cold set the rear to 130 then sell it

You won’t get shit for it if you don’t grind off the braze-ons.

And powder coat for sure…

Don’t forget that it’s a “road track fixie fixed gear cool”.

so box of 300ex/biopace components thrown in?

There was a guy at DISC with a similar paintjob to this, said it was a tinted lacquer over chrome. Sound right? Was an 83 battaglin roadie from memory, owned since new and beautiful.

Paint was seriously gorgeous

Yeah they call it candy in the car scene it is like spirito said tinted clear,
and is one of my favourite paint options.
This also looks great over a silver flake base.