Swift Campout 2017

So who’s in this year?

Should we find some snow and a hut? Maybe head towards the coast or the Budawangs?

June 24th.

I might think about a something here too, but will try to one-up you on snow and huts.

if history repeats, then nothing will actually happen here

Hrm. I’m already going to be in Mt Field huts 25th/26th!

well that sounds good, though! We could make something happen. I’ve spent some time looking at maps of the western end of wellington park, there are definitely options to go the back-way to Mt Field. May need a reasonably burly beast to get through there if east-west track is an indication of things to come.

Guys, take it to the Hobart thread

I’d be up for that. Hut in the Brindies would be good so we can make fire. Bendora Hut or Pryor’s Hut could be cool.

lol hobart peeps

pryor’s would be nice but I’ve never stayed at Bendora before so that could be cool too.

In short, as long as I can take rum, it’ll be great.

  • Joel


I’m in for this (y)


I’d really like to do this this year. Bendora Hut has my vote!

I’m keen but I also haven’t ridden bikes in over a month so we will see…

I haven’t been riding too much either, mostly just shortish MTB rides, so I’ll be taking it easy. Being winter solstice, we will want to be set up at camp by about 4pm anyways to get a fire started.

Dudes, I’m out. Going riding in Tassie instead.

anyone? bueller?

Sorry Amy! Didn’t see this.

Did an early Swift-esque campout this weekend and wont be able to head out next weekend, going to Sydney on farm work.

Can highly recommend Brandys Flat Hut, 30ish km from Tharwa, gotta climb up Fitzs but it’s not so bad. Nice hut, cruisy ride that still feels a little challenging.

Awesome, I’ll suss it out and see if I can get out this weekend!