Swift Campout June 24/25

Who’s keen?

Can do Bunyip again or go back to Brisbane ranges?

or another Option?

Keen! But I’ll be in NZ.

I always seem to miss this for some reason


I’ve been dadlyfed out, stupid ballet concerts

I’ll be in Tassie, which is bittersweet as I’d have liked to have come for this one.

Do one in Tassie with the Tassie mob

Not jealous


maybs could, but i’m not planning on it, will have more than enough to keep me occupied i reckon (namely, reading books by the fire and drinking tea/whisky/wine/beeeeeeers)

I’m very keen and a couple of my non-forum mates are.

I’m down

2015 Swift Campout pics here

mike d with that chill swagger.

That’s Nikcee…

These are so good!! Shame miki didn’t have any fun.

I did just not around Pete :wink: