Swift Campout

Good to know! Thanks chaps :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just signed us up boys!

Have fun guys and cuddle up for warmth

I get to enjoy the last one!

Thanks Joel! I might hit you up for a saddle bag…

Alright, I’m in!

And who knows, I might be riding a new bike…

Sounds so nice! I am out, and also have kit to carry stuff if people would like to use it.

Not sure where things stand on doing the Bullen Range (the trail that climbs from cotter campground and follows the top of the range to point hut, yeah?), but if you give it a crack I will be very keen to see the pics and hear the stories. It’s relentlessly steep, both up and down.

Too bad we can’t do this a week or two later. My bike won’t be ready by the 20th :frowning:

Send Swift an email.

“Move the solstice please.
K thx bye.”

You can! It’s just a date made arbitrarily significant by some beardo company. Do both if you have the time.

You’re only jealous cos you can’t grow a beard. We get it.

Hey guys - I am looking for someone to take the reigns on this one. My ice hockey schedule was released last week and I am playing on Sunday at midday. So, I am out for the riding - depending on where you all end up, I can come along for camp sing alongs etc.

Hey dudes, looks like i’m going to need to skip this one too. Going to do the Leeton ride a week later and I can’t really justify taking two weekends off work (especially cause I just spent a lot of money on #campvibes).

If anyone needs to borrow tent/bags/racks/dynamo/etc for the weekend though, please let me know. xoxo

I hate to say it, but I’m out too. Truffle work calls