Swift Campout

May as well get on the bandwagon.

For those that haven’t heard yet. Swift Industries are hosting a world wide ‘camp out’ the weekend of June 20th -21st.
For more iinformation on the general vibe of the event, click this link. Swift Campout 2021 – Solstice Bike-Overnight

Now I may or may not be able to make this as the Ice Hockey schedule for this weekend hasn’t been released yet, if no hockey then I am in. If I am playing - I am out (but should be able to come and camp?).

For the course, I am proposing something close to home to make it accessible for all. Either Honeysuckle Campground or Orroral Campground. Please note that Honesuckle has a mother of a climb…

But the route may be a little bit different to the usual road ride out past Tharwa. Here is what I am thinking.


Honeysuckle has a motherfucker of a climb. I reckon i’d be in.

I also thought about going this way to Honeysuckle, along the Bullen Range/trail, but we left it too late.

P.S what’s at 28 Lonsdale St?

I haven’t made my map as nicely as yours, Nag! I wouldn’t mind knowing how far mine is.

If the honeysuckle climb is a little too full on (as we will be loaded), then we can continue on to Orroral… but this still has Fitz Climb I think?

28 Lonsdale Street, no idea. Just used that end as a reference for a starting point.

I’m in.
I’ve been wanting to do the Bullen Range trail for a while.
Honeysuckle is long but doable if you’re willing to take it slow.

Also keep in mind it will be motha flippin’ cold.

Why too late? Closed?

Also, FYI Fitz’s is crazy steep but no where as long as Orroral

Nah, just left home late. It was around 3 and raining.

Got to the bottom of Honeysuckle around 5:30 as it started getting dark and it took us about two hours to get up cause D was heavily loaded and needed to walk some/most sections. Not fun riding up there in the dark.

Another option is picking one of the many huts in Namadgi and staying there.

This sounds good. I have paper maps with ALL THE TRAILS!!

Might be in, but might be a bit short on the bag dept. If we do a hut then we can do without tent so less to carry, might be a good option.

Have you ridden that Old Cooma/Burra road bit Ezy? I’ve done it and I’m not a big fan, lots of utes blasting at speed.

Sorry Seb, haven’t ridden it yet but I would be looking at riding it soon seeing as I pretty much live down that way now.

Anyway, open to route suggestions.

Adam can tow the trailer

I’m probably in

Endorsed. It’ll make for good #campout footage when he goes up Honeysuckle.

I also need to purchase bags. I am probably going to head down the saddle bag/handlebar roll route with mine. Possibly all Oveja Negra stuff as I know the saddle bag will fit on the Kumo.

For once, i’m all ready to go. Let’s just do it tomorrow?

I’m leaning towards Stealth Bike Bags for a frame bag and saddle bag. They’re made by a guy in NZ. They’re quite cheap and look as good as any others.

I was pretty much Steve’s camel on the Easter overnighter.

Can loan full and half frame bags plus revelate saddle bag, handlebar roll, panniers etc if anyone needs. No point on us all owning the same stuff which stays in the cupboard 360 days a year.

  • joel

+1 (if I don’t take a bike to japan with me)