[SYD] Centennial Park, Regular Tuesday Ride, 5:45 for 6:00

5:45 for 6:00 Paddington Gates Centennial Park, Tuesdays, for some laps of the park.

Regular ride. Not exclusively fixed, pretty social really.

Best to send me a pm if you are coming so we know to wait, or let you know if the plans have changed for some reason.


ah! so all the sydneysiders are on farkin - we were wondering where they resided :slight_smile:

excuse my ignorance on sydney, but does centennial park have a velodrome, or when you say laps, is it surrounded by a path?

good luck getting a ride together!

cheers, nick

Ahhh I should clarify.

Centennial Park is a 3.5k road loop in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. The road is split 50/50 for bikes and cars with a 30 kph limit. It can be a bit of a poser fest, but it is flatish, away from the traffic and it is easy to meet there.

I’n not sure if all the Sydneysiders are on Farkin, but there are a couple of Sydney based Fixie riders and a few more singlespeeders who may be up for some road riding (although maybe no by the looks of the thread so far :expressionless: ).

Bumping this to the top.

There has been enough interest over the past few weeks to make this a pretty regular thing.

Still best to let me know if you are coming as it is not that big yet.