Sydney fixed gear rider.

Hey all’,

I am curious how many peoples here is from Sydney???

I saw a very nice fixed gear around Broadway the other day pic:


I’m from Syd, but that ain’t my fixie.

My bike is the sort of thing you’d walk past sheilding your eyes from, but it gets me from A to B and is always still locked up outside B when I want to go back to A.


Northern Beaches.

Still building my first fix though :expressionless:

There are a few of us on here…

That bike belongs to a bike mechanic here in Sydney.

We are trying to get some Saturday rides going here. Send me a pm if you want to know when the next one is on.

Or turn up for Le Tour de Sydney on Sunday week as posted in “Meets”.


awww fair enough…unfortunately my bike whacked up today after all those primering i have done. I am going to part it all out and sell some parts to fund my new bike.