Sydney help please

So a few of us Melbourne guys are driving up today and Riding back starting tomorrow, but yesterday in the heat of getting ready my bike was pulled off the roof racks while going under a height restriction point (wasn’t me driving!) and thankfully all that happened was a snapped spoke on the front, so I was wondering if there is somewhere In Sydney that have a few spokes on hand (it’s for an Easton ea90slx where the spoke goes into the hub body) and might be open til about 7/8 tonight? Preferably somewhere that knows what their doing too…
Long shot I know but worth a try.

Thanks in advance


Paging Spirito… Or stop at a local bike shop on the way into Sydney? Canberra has bike shops, as does Goulburn. Just use your smartingphone to do a locale search for all the areas you’ll be driving thru. You’ll have a better chance than finding a shop that stays open on a friday night…

I know Cell Bikes stock easton. Give them a call, they might be able to sort something out?

Thanks guys, if worst comes to worst we have a spare wheel, if I use the spare is it a wide idea to loosen off the spokes on the wheel with the damaged spoke so there’s not an uneven stress load on the rim and spokes?

Got this late … and unfortunately we don’t have spokes for that type of wheel. I’d try Clarence St or MC Cyclery but they’ll be shut now as well.