Sydney: How to get from airport to St. Leonards

I am flying to Sydney soon and riding from the airport to a meeting up at St. Leonards, on my bike. I am bad in a car in Sydney and would have NO idea on a bike what is the best way to go, does anyone have any suggestions, I have no issue with riding in traffic if I have to, as long as it is not suicidal. Any suggestions?


Awesome! I tried whereis, really didn’t come up with much, that should definately do the trick, thanks.

just had a look at that map: it wants you to avoid the SHB.

you want to go straight up botany rd from the airport, thru the city to the harbour bridge then bike path to st leonards… dont know why gmaps isnt giving the shb option…

+1 What he said.

It’s a piece of piss and won’t take long at all.

If you change the travel method from ‘walking’ to ‘by car’ it gives you the bridge route. I always click walking… takes you the interesting way :smiley:

I’d still walk over the bridge I think.

I would just ride, the bridge has a bike path on the West side which is all perdy n stuff.

Hot stuff, wish i lived in Sydney