Sydney People/Bikes

on a suggestion from Rhys, and in response to a query from Lewis, post a pic of you/your bike. and your name if you want.

I’m Jono. Pics courtesy of matt mead/Pumpkin Run.

hi jono you are one sexy man

yes you are a sexy wee man jono…

i’m Zak

here i am on the bowie cat ( MKS cap )

and my track bike ( thanks to T Chin for these pics )

My name is Rhys. I look like this:

and I ride this:

Hey, I’m Nathan and I once rode with christmas lights on my bike. I look like this

In terms of wednesday night rides, i started on this

Then got this,10624.0.html

and am now riding this

pic courtesy of matt mead

i’m not actually a tomato, my name is alex, and this is what i look like.
thanks to haidee for a most epic photo.

hell yeah! nice photo!


come on “lewis”, reveal your hidden identity…

hi. i’m michael aka dirty

this is my current ride

That fucken funny :smiley:

Laughing at a fallen comrade, you heartless bastard…

thats is funny but i sorry that a bus is you ride dirty

yeah that sucks man, hope the wrist heals ok.

by the way, i never got where the ‘dirty’ name came from. the moustache photo clears that one up.

Unlucky Dirty. Good to see you can make jokes thought.
Brad, feel free to participate in this thread too :slight_smile: Should be just enough room on this page for your headtube.

This is me and below is my big bike…I feel so grown up now i have this.

55cm Focale 44 relax complete,its french and is some kind of millitary green hmmmm.

fuck me…

This is funny 'cause ’ it’s funny pic of dirty… He’s drunk and dressed inaproprately ( miind my drunken spelling…
And his ride is a fucken bus…

Sorry dirty but we are surrounded by f u c k tards
Super funny post and you made my day

thanks Sk

should i bother explaining sarcasm?


Hope the b’day ride was good though, Zac. I’m guessing that given you were awake and pissed at 3am that it was! :smiley: