Sydney : Stolen Single Speed Balmain 31/5/2011


A good friend of mine has had her single speed stolen from her front porch. Her bikes are her babies, and as you can appreciate, she is very upset about it.

If you see it around, please contact me on 0402223565 (and if you feel like it, king hit the rider for me.)

Her description is below.


My dear friends,

I could not express how grateful I am to receive your support and offer of assistance during these difficult times. If bad luck comes in a series, I want this is my last one.

I lost Kermit between dusk till dawn this morning. It is green Indie
(Australian) bike that took a year to build, and was finally completed just two days ago (have not had a chance to take a photo of it).
Given the torrential rain on Mon, all the bus was full and I gave up after trying for an hour (was already half soaked by then), so I rode Kermit home from Work. When I arrived home, dripping wet, all I could think of was getting into the hot shower and left the bike unlocked on the porch.

Kermit has green Vittorio Rubino tyres on Shimano 600 wheels, with green chain and pedals. The bull horn handle bar is wrapped with Cinnelli bar tape with Jamaican colours (red, yellow and green) and it has a red road bike levers, with metal ring spaces on the stem.
Single speed, gearing ratio 40x16.

If you happen to come across a bike of this description when you are out and about could you please take a photo and let me know. It feels like I someone had kidnapped my baby.

Might be good to post a picture.

My girlfriends bright yellow single speed got returned after I showed a picture to one person riding a fixed gear passed by me.

They found some kids riding around it in Camperdown park.

I’ll keep an eye out in Newtown/Inner West.

Unfortunately she only just finished it (built it herself with my help) didnt get a chance to take a pic yet.