Sydney to....kiama?nowra?

I’m looking to get some k’s up while ive got some time off.

Planning riding down the coast a bit. chill out on a beach. maybe sleep over night. then either ride and/or train home.

Had been planning on going solo, but am open to some company if any one is keen?
Lemme know.

Probably thinking of going on tuesday or so.

Yew sounds epic. im in.

Cool. If/when the weather clears up ill give you a call.

damnit Lewis you are a mad man!

its not that far.

I am gonna ride down tothe Scarborough Hotel (just before Coledale, through Royal National Park) sometime between the 13th–18th Jan if anyone is keen–have a few beers & lunch then get a trian home.

i will be up for the Scarborough ride