Sydney to Newcastle - Easter Weekend

Hey there,

I wanted to share this event in case some would be keen to join up next Easter long weekend.
Details to be confirmed once we get the crew together.


The Facebook Event Link

Yowzers! Sounds serious.
I’ll be out of town.

Too epic for me… 1-way geared would be hard enough!

this is a really nice ride. but very hilly by the old highway and coastal route. highly recommended by me

Nice ride yes, but fixed?? Good luck with that.

Should be able to get a discount for a group purchase train ticket for the ride home!

OOH, don’t forget your brakes!!! Rhys, Nath, was your top speed last week??

Hey way to be a party pooper,
I’m sure it can and will be done.
If my half assed plans for that weekend fall through I will join in. Done this distance before maybe without the hills but it wasnt the hardest thin I’ve ever done.

Facebook link is kaput!

Also - what kind of pace are we talking? I’ve got a family easter do half way along in gosford and would possibly be keen to do this.

shit dude… i think the blue mtns ride you have planned is far more gruling.

Not trying to down your plans, just looking at it from past experience geared, that is all. Like I said, good luck with it.

Are you guys kidding? With the legs in that avatar the hillz will be the ones hurting!

Did this go ahead?
Wouldnt mind joining for the trek back whether from gosford or whereever.