Sydney Tournament Feb 6

Any interstaters keen to come for this?

is that in sydney? i saw the poster and thought it must be in auckland or something.

i reckon i’ll be able to swing a mallet by then.

If it was in NZ it would have to say, amongst other things: Chuck it in eh Bru and BYO bucket or a hoose bru

oh and think maija and maybe benee as well

Going to try and make this too.

I booked tickets on Friday, Ray and Vive also booked tickets. Melbourne Teams TBA. Looking forward to it.


Think I’m in!

I thought it was a throw-in tourney hence the name!?!

If not anyone up for a team? Maija?!? We were playing pretty good on Sunday.

Maija is ours. Bushleague forever!

2 part question
(a) can we register in person on sun or next thurs or should it be online?
(b) with bushleague rules, can we substitute gin for whisky?

register on the day.
but come down and have a hit around on a sun or thurs anyway.
bushleague rules: “not drinking is cheating”

The transfer window is open, and the view is GREAT!

Booked and IN.


Do we need to register a team?
Will and I are still short of 1 player.
Can we reg and then find someone?
(Ah just read previous posts. Sorry)

Will there be throwins on Friday at all?

So what’s the deal with weather situations?

tournament runs regardless of weather.
have been told there will be cover for when your not playing.

and yeah jol,

we can find you a player in the morning.

cool, well i’ll come either way, but i havent been feeling the best and i can’t get sick, way too much work at the moment and i’m the only supervisor for nightshift :frowning:
Hope i can play, but if i’m going to be soaking wet and cold i may have to think about sitting out, i know i sound like a pussy, but as i’ve gotten older i am more responsible…

Sweet tourney Sydney!

well done, as always, it was a pleasure. just a little wetter than normal.

Results, photos writeup etc.

epic. wish i was there!

Thanks Syd polo for a great weekend.

Everything was awesome except my torrential 2am ride over the road part of the Anzac Bridge. Thanks for the directions Mitch! :wink:

Donald - Reffing and organisation was perfect.
Doddy - Thanks for the hospitality mate.
Kiwis - Thanks for the trouncing and mallet-in-face.
Will & Julian - Thanks for being great team mates. Pity I didn’t wake up till game 4.
Natalie - Cheers for the samurai pants loaner.
Everyone else - Great to meet you properly after the madness and drunk haze of the nationals.
Brad - See you in Melburn!