Sydney Wheel Builder

Had a quick search and nothing was within the last two years.

After a wheel builder for a new fixed gear wheelset. Brought the frame in to Ben at Cicli Spirito to get a bent seat stay checked and briefly chatted with him about getting wheels built. I know his builds are top notch but thought it wouldn’t hurt to see who else is out there, especially since it’ll be another week or two before I get the hubs in. I’ve seen mention of Hell on Wheels and another place in the city that I have forgotten…

I’ll be getting in the hubs and rims myself and will leave the spokes to whoever I get them built up by. Nothing serious - not racing on them. Will just be clinchers and sealed bearings for getting around and some weekend fun.

Tom @ Hell on Wheels.

Ben, 100%

TWE is another option.

Also ask him about rims and hubs it’s always nicer to offer them the opportunity to quote you a full package

Only issue was I need to get hold of a 110mm spaced rear hub. Not the widest selection to choose from so was more than likely going to pick up second hand hubs off NJS Export.


Best builds ~~ever~~


Pretty sure Liam aka EzyLee has a 100/110mm spaced set of sunshine BIA stamped hubs for sale for cheap. Owned a wheelset with these hubs before and they’re excellent in my opinion.

As for wheel building Hell on Wheels Tom or Spirito Ben.

I’ve used both Tom and Spirito, happy with both. Ben is doing my next set of wheels.

Papa Spirito


Different dudes for different needs.

Well looks like its hard to not shoot Ben an email and sort out getting a wheelset built - plenty of recommendations. Very enjoyable time spent at his amazing shop so more than happy to go back.

Might stick my head in though at Hell on Wheels, never been in the shop. Especially since I go climbing just down the road.