Sydney - Wollongong? Anyone interested?

Hi everyone,

I am doing the MS Gong next Sunday on a fixie. Sadly all my previous ride partners dropped out, a clear sign they are getting older or wiser…

I would be happy to be riding with other fixed gear aficionadas / aficionados… and potentially have fun watching them spinning like crazy down Stanwell Tops…

It’s been a fun 4-5 hours experience for the last two years… hopefully it will be sunny again in 2017.

Starting time at 7 AM from Tempe.



Did you do it, and more importantly did you see anybody doing it on an o-bike? (I’m really hoping somebody was stupid enough to try this)

Saw a bloke doing it on a reddygo in thongs

Saw a reddygo, no thongs though. So there was at least 2 on the rise. 102.5km by the time I got to the start then back to my brothers place. Most of it wet. Glad I took the Fuji with guards on it.

Anyone know what happened to the guys down at the bottom of the Stanwell descent? Bad stack apparently. There was a guy who went down in front of me at Clifton, out cold possibly before he even hit the deck. Didn’t even try to stop his fall. He must have had a medical issue, he was being worked on via CPR before the ambos arrived.

Very happy I clipped on the rear fender too - was a fun ride (was a work related thingo) pretty average weather but it kept the temperature low.

Didn’t see much of those accidents luckily but saw a crazy amount of people with punctures.

Like Droz, did not see any accidents but had to wait a very long and freezing time at Stanwell Tops… I guess I know why now…

I missed the o-bike but saw a penny farthing and 3 unicycles… gave me perspective on how easy it was to do it by fixie.

Mad props to the dude who did it in a recumbent hand-bicycle though.