T-R-ACK tonight!

Anyone heading down to the track for a session before they race tonight?

I’m keen! 5pm-7pm I think the times still are, or 7pm+ if you wanna race!

Hope to see some keen kids there


Fully sick!

I got stuck at work till 5:30pm. After an 11hr day all I wanted to do was veg at home seeing as by the time I got home I pretty much missed getting down there for a spin on the boards before racing started :frowning:

How’s the injury goin Lisa?

It is impoving finally :smiley: I have been told to get on the bike 3 times this week for no more than an hour each time to see how I go!

Thats an easy 100 laps at DISC, go for it! You could do a pursuit with big Stu hahaha

hahah gawd! :-o