T7 customer service

Not a product review but a bit of a rap for Torpedo 7’s customer complaints response. I bought a 10-pack of cheap and cheerful road tubes a few weeks ago. OK so I know you get what you pay for but a few were dodgy out of the wrapper, with the result that one night I worked late past the last train home and got stuck in the office with a flat tyre and two leaky spares. Sent T7 a note telling them just how cross I was and that I was then stuck in the office unable to ride home, had missed the last train and was stuck with a $50 cab fare to get home (true about the cab fare, it was bang on $50).

All quiet for a few days, then an email from T7 with an apology, a refund for the purchase price of the whole 10-pack, and a store credit equivalent to my out-of-pocket for the cab fare. I thought that was pretty decent.

That’s better than decent. Much better.

Actually., that’s what customer service is all about. You should email this to that millionaire, whinger Gerry Harvey!

Good to hear. I’ve found mail order customer service is generally pretty good. Of course, the amount of time Probikekit has stuffed up my order is laughable, but when you tell them they always fix it up.

it’s all about what is going to make the customer happy

seems so simple doesn’t it? but yet quite a few places get it wrong

you are a senior rider and you bought cheap tubes?! :confused:

Have you bought much stuff from them in the past?

Tell me about it.

I recently bought a SRAM Rival crankset from Evans Cycles (uk). When they eventually arrived, 3 weeks later, it turned out the thing had been USED! Not only that, they were fairly scratched up - like proper seconds stuff - and arrived with the non-driveside arm just banging around loose in the box and minus the BB.

It took numerous emails and phone calls to them eventually agree on reimbursing me for return shipping and replace it with a new one. The customer service agent gave a glib apology but I got a strong sense that he really couldn’t have given a toss about ‘the inconvenience it may caused’. Evans Cycles might be okay if the item you purchase is without fault. But the experience I had would strongly discourage me from buying from them again, nor would I recommend them to others.

Evans Cycles - Two thumbs down!

Wow, that’s a totally shit experience. Bit fucken cheeky to send a used groupset… Flipside of Evans service is the saddle I ordered that arrived in 3 working days.



Torpedo 7 return/refund is above reproach in my experience. they sent me a spare battery for a light the day i emailed them, then when that didn’t fix it they refunded the original purchase price despite it being bought 5 months before. all based on a one email enquiry about exchanging it.

yea, i had a bike cover that took ages to come. i emailed them and they were awesome in chasing it up.

yeah, can vouch for that as well! once got some brakes from them and it arrived faster than most things sent to me from within AU! Shipping from the UK to AU can be actually cheaper for UK based companies, than even shipping from within the UK itself! (as confirmed by one of our UK employees).

I’ve had similar experiences with wiggle, had recieved a chain without a masterlink, they sent me an entire new chain. I also claimed a lockring did not show up (but later found it hidden inside another item that it got wedged in) both times had re-sent the item, no questions asked.

Same here drozzy. They sent me a road clincher instead of a track tubular by mistake, they let me keep the road clincher and sent the proper one as well. How can some companies get it so right, yet others get it so wrong.

i think with the bigger companies, they would have a bigger budget to correct mistakes and go above and beyond as they would have budget for it.

Pure economies of scale?

You would think so but Evans Cycles is the biggest bicycle store chain in the UK… I think its more dependent upon the individual stores. In any case, Evans may have fast postage but their customer service is shit house.

props to t7. haven’t bought anything from them in a while, but i’ll venture back.

with competitive retail & also viral internetz, don’t know how businesses can expect to survive with bad service (both traditional and online).

Good to hear they took care of you. I wish they would just pull the low end cheap crap from their selection, a lot of the stuff they sell is garbage.

i got goldcross in waurn ponds, geelong, to pack a bike i bought on ebay, they took the stem & bars out and cable tied them to the top tube, and just dropped the lot in a box, rear wheel still attached, and charged me $10, piss poor effort, after telling me they were more than happy to do it, and customer service was important, not stoked about people taking the piss like that, have not had a good experience with goldcross ever, ah well