Take this, Hi-vis jackets!


Pity it’s $350USD :-o

It’d match a set of reflective black deep Vs though…

Wow that’s REALLY cool

and only comes in hipster sizes

Well it is at Chari&Co, located in the Lower East side of Manhattan.

Some of the most helpful japanese dudes work there. Will help you lace wheels for free and will tweak your bike for a buck … much better service than your run of the mill bike shop workers in sydney who dont actually give a fk

I like the concept… much better than looking like a senior citizen with the hi-vis on. I like being seen though, but looking cool is much better than safety.

This is what it looks like during the day:

DC have a snowboard jacket that is similar but instead of being reflective it glows in the dark. Its silver by day, mr burns glowy at night.