tall victorian's bargain

Tall person’s light weight road bike | eBay

bought it

Damn good buying.
Foa clearly helping boost the economy
I want a pie chart with % of foa based sales v’s the rest of the cycling comunity.

shit. it’s the quick and the dead around here!

damn, ten mins late. worth it regardless of its state, history or legit hillman-ness.

edit: lol @ replies within mins

That is a grooood bargain mang

Serial Number should be under BB? Best way to identify it as legit?

Yes, serial number is under the BB (on the BB shell) and the best way to find out if its legit or not is to give Hillman Cycles a call and ask them.

Good buying!

Good buy.
I can’t believe there are too many tall people out there wanting roadies.

I’m 6’2 hope I can get a leg over it ha

if i recall correctly, Hillman stamp the serial number on the downtube bit of the BB lug, where i’ve indicated in this photo:

and the serial number on the fork is down the bottom of steerer where the crown joins.
but yeah, best bet is simply give them a call.

and then sell the bike to me if it is a bit too big :stuck_out_tongue:

My hillman is stamped exactly as Jams describes

Thanks guys! Impatiently awaiting sellers reply to my msgs

If it doesn’t fit you and the JAMS doesn’t want it i’ll take it off you hands :stuck_out_tongue:

still no word from seller :frowning:

My old Hillman wasn’t stamped where indicated above, and yes, was a legit Hillman! Just throwing in my two cents! Nice buy by the way.