tan sidewall tyres?

where can you find new tyres with tanwalls? are there any worth buying?

im pretty sure the tan bit you refer to is the tire not the rim/wheel itself
i could be wrong but yea the tan tire has nothing to do with the quality of yourrim ie deep v’s

The tan colour is on the tyre itself. There are lots of tyres that look like this- often really cheap ones, or expensive tubulars.

Just a tip on bike building- determine the FUNCTION, rather than the APPEARANCE you want for your bike. Take it from me that a functional bike will give you so much more joy than a useless ‘cool’ looking fixie. Just sayin’

i edited the main post… thanks for the input :smiley:

what are the tubulars worth?

The question you should be asking is ‘do I actually want tubulars’?
They are a special tyre for racing, not for general mucking around on the street.

vredestein ricorso for the lovely old school tan sidewalls (or skinwalls as they were sometimes known) with a good dose of quality rubber.

if you are in melbourne abbotsford had some (apparently) reasonable tan sidewalls. they were hanging from the ceiling just above the shimano parts as you walk in (or near there). maybe $25?

Ignore the cheap and nasty yellow wall ones, and you’ll find the skinwall IRC Roadwinner II’s in 700Cx28. Slightly to the right of the Shimano parts. Can’t remember the price, but ~$30 seems right.

I’ve got a set of Continetal clinchers with a really dark brown / tan gumwall on my Super Elliotts. I think they suit the “vintage” of the bike.

I also have a set of Michelin’s on my Europa with a straight up tan gumwall. I bought them about a month ago.

Both sets of tyres were less than $35 each tyre.

Hey JKL, any info on where you sourced your tires from? I’m interested in sourcing some reasonably puncture proof gum walled tired given that veloflex’s (which is all I’ve been able to source recently) are excy and too light/thin for everyday training/commuting?
I run deda tre giro gumwalled tires on one of my roadies and they are excellent but now nearly impossible to find in that color configuration.