Tandem with Canti Mounts (Frame & Fork)


perfect for those like me that are there to win but make it enjoyable for everyone else.

So tempted to go for this. The wife is kind of keen for it as well. She doesn’t know about it yet, but I’m sure she’d want it.

might throw down on this one

It’s yours. I talked myself out of it.

I did buy this for a mate but didn’t check spacing till i got home. Advert said 125, measured 112 OLN, Hmmm. Got my coin back no probs as i didn’t have a compatible wheelset,etc. Didn’t think it was possible to coldset it with the beefy bracing in rear triangle.
Dude rang me back later…" i reset it to 135". I mentioned that older road was 126… Calls back later “I reset it to 125”
Geezus, this frame will work harden. Sent a photo as well, drop outs not exactly parallel anymore.

What an idiot. Old tandems are usually 140mm (my 1984 Motobecane is). Modern is 145 or 160 (Santana). Really old might be under 140, but wider is better for wheel performance.

Now been reset to 170.