Tapatalk app

G’day lads,

I’ve recently discovered the Tapatalk (forum app) for iPhone and others. It supports heaps of forum styles including this Vbulletin type. Fixed.org isn’t on their list but it would be great if they could
??? There’s a plug-in on their site Tapatalk - Forum App on the iPhone, Android, Nokia, and BlackBerry for vBulletin, phpBB, IPBoard, and SMF to activate this forum. Can ya check it out Fixed org?

I had my banstick all ready to go, what a letdown.

Suggest you PM NickJ about this one.

Ha ha I’s no spammer :slight_smile:

The app works fine for another fixed forum i visit on BNA.
So much easier than doing it with safari on iPhone.

what I’d give for a banstick… oh the pleasure

any updates on this? Is anyone out there using the app? It’s the ducks guts :wink:

I’ve started using this app for my local cycling club forum - it’s much quicker to check things on my phone without loading the full pages. It’s a pretty simple, user-friendly format too.

I gather the reason fixed.org isn’t accessible through tapatalk is that the advertising gets cut out. Is that why? Just wondering, because it would be useful otherwise.

I noticed that when accessing the forum in the browser (on my phone) it says that it’s tapatalk native. But when I tried finding it in the actual app I can’t see it anywhere…

It popped up one day when I came here on my iphone (but never again?), but then I couldn’t be arsed downloading (and paying) for Tapatalk.

This is my story exactly

I’ve already installed the Tapatalk code on the forum, but it isn’t part of the Tapatalk list yet - Tapatalk seem pretty slow/crappy at doing things. Who knows when it will go up… But I have done my part in making it work…

Thanks Nick. Glad it wasn’t the advertising thing. Guess it will work eventually.

When I open this forum on the iTampon (in Safari) it says the forum is Tapatalk enabled, then I go to Tapatalk I can’t find the forum. Is this still the case? I’ve searched for fixed, fixed australia, hipster haven, and so forth to no avail.

As far as I know, Nick has tried to get it working on the Tapatalk app but it’s proving to be a lot more difficult than first intended.

Any update on this?

Despite not working with FOA at this stage, is this app worth downloading? A few of the forums I read use it, but I’m not really one for buying apps if I don’t need to.

If you’re on forums a lot, it’s worth the couple of bucks. Makes it easier to sift through posts on your phone without the worry of resizing everything all the time.


Aaron, why are you posting a link to a thread that has no content and links back to this thread?

Moccos was asking it tapatalk was worth buying for other forums that use it. FOA on tapatalk is dead in the water currently.

attempting to create a perpetual loop of death?

just google google.