tape vs. track grips...?

On a regular ride on the road fixed conversion.

Pros? Cons?

Grips won’t cover the whole bar (unless you buy a couple of sets).

Grips can be removed and reused, bar tape has limited reusability.

Grips are comfy without gloves, and are available in different thicknesses.

Tape is usually cheaper than grips, but doesn’t last as long.

Grips are easier to install if you don’t know how to tape bars.

I’ve taped bars (it wasn’t that hard, just awkward), but I think I like the look of grips. I was curious if there was any real difference, cause i’m new to this game.

i’ve recently put grips on. really like them, there’s not much difference. not that i noticed, anyway.

I ride with grips simply cause i like to change my bars and brakes more than i should. i can slide a brake on or off or swap my bars and it only takes a few minutes and a bit o hair spray.

man, i was in struggle town trying to get champ grips off my bars. used rubbing alcohol, but it was still a drag.

I’d say tape is more comfy then grips.

So is tape. You just wrap it with more overlap if you want it thick and squidgy.

Personaly there isnt a huge amount of diffrence between tape and track grips.

The bigger diffrence is between tape/track grips and regular/bmx/mountin grips.
On a flat/riser bar I don’t like tape/track grips coz its not thick enough for my big hands.

Well the biggest is durability- track grips are usually silicon rubber meaning they are virtually indestructible and waterproof.

I’m running bull horns, and have been wondering this for a while. I usually ride with my hands right up top near the stem or stetched out near my QS levers, at the pointy end, and not much in between. Has anyone had any experience using grips in two positions like this or should I just stick with tape? I like the sound of the durability of grips over tape, thats all.

I have tape on the flats of my drop bars and grips on the drops

Works ok for me