tapei collection

This is out of control!


Wow does not do it justice.

Calling nzkiddo out…

We all know of this guy. His road bike collection in insane, probably one of the best (if not the best) in the world. He has only just started get into track bikes in recent years, however, he’s really picking up his pace… He is just… INSANE! Everyone should go visit his “Bicycle Library” sometimes…

Crazy. Reading his comments is cool, seems like an awesome guy.

I feel kinda bad for all the bikes just racked up though. Each one of them is awesome & deserves a whole wall to be hung on (if not ridden)

[LEFT]It’s a collection which is literally bursting at the seams.[/LEFT]

No it’s not, but it is an amazing collection.

I’m with thriller, I want to see bikes being ridden, not hung on a rack.

If the seat tubes got water in them, and then the temp dropped below zero in winter, well, then the tubes would burst at the seams.

Except most high end bike tubes are seamless?

stop poking holes in my joke!

It’s a crack up

splitting my sides with laffs.

The collection is beyond ridiculous. I was lucky enough to organise an evening to view the collection through a customer of mine before flying to Taipei last week. Asahi mentioned he didn’t speak much english and that I’d need a translator so I took my buddies Jeff (factoryfive) & Felix along. For the size of the space and the amount of bikes, its insane. The whole place is temperature & humidity controlled. All bikes and parts are clean. Out of all the bikes he keeps about 10 riding bikes at a time. That rack is the closest to the front door and includes a Richard Sachs, Kestal, Colnago plus others at the moment. There is quite some restored bikes in the collection with Asahi using Australia’s own Cyclomondo for decals.

At the moment the collection sits at 615 total with something like 85 colnago’s, 70 something Masi’s. He even has Pogliaghi’s last bike he ever built which is a kids road bike in full chrome. He only buys bikes post 1988 if they’ve got a cool story. Seriously blown away by the whole experience. His life story is very interesting & has lots of amazing stories. I’ve got a lot of respect for the guy. He’s doing a good job of preserving a golden age of cycling. Looking forward to seeing the collection continue to grow and very much looking forward to his book which is something he is looking to do in the future.

No he doesn’t.

maybe relax on dredging up the old threads hey mate.

youre a lucky man what suff are you after now then to complete the collection?